Sergei Mozyakin

KHL Report: The Early Season Awards

Notes on Eddie Pasquale, Mikko Lehtonen and Pavel Datsyuk, as well as a shoutout to a KHL elite.

Joe Thornton and Freddy Andersen

Will Maple Leafs' Veteran Depth Additions Pay Off?

The Toronto Maple Leafs signed Joe Thornton and Wayne Simmonds, while keeping Jason Spezza around for another season.


Does the NHL's Draft Lottery Need Another Refresh?

After the Detroit Red Wings missed out on the No. 1 pick, some GMs believe the draft lottery needs to change.

Leon Draisaitl and Jeff Petry

How Realistic is an Expectation of an 82-Game NHL Season?

The 2020-21 NHL season will certainly look different, but will it include a shorter schedule?

Bill Foley

Golden Knights' Bill Foley on Pietrangelo, Potential NHL Divisional Changes

Vegas Golden Knights owner Bill Foley chatted with Matt Larkin about the team's early success, signing Alex Pietrangelo, NHL divisional alignment and more.

Matvei Michkov

KHL Report: Young Guns Earning Prime Opportunities

Russian journalist Masha Bass joins the KHL Report to discuss the emergence of many of the game's young stars getting further opportunities this season.


Roman Rotenberg: From the Front Office to Behind the Bench

Due to coronavirus, it was a tough month for SKA St. Petersburg of the KHL, with the majority of the senior players and the coaches – including coach Valeri Bragin – falling ill. Vice president and GM of SKA, Roman Rotenberg, filled in as coach for some matches. Now, with Bragin back and the situation improving, Rotenberg spoke to Graeme Roustan, owner and publisher of The Hockey News, about his experience as coach and his plans to develop this talent.