Fans of the Indoor Football League team will be able to prove their trustworthiness by building up their FaniQ score. 

February 08, 2017

This post originally appeared on the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles' website

Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates. All noted "geniuses" with extremely high IQ's who likely know next to nothing about indoor football.

While none of them are fans of the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles (yet), we are pretty sure that many of our fans are football geniuses – or at least they think they are!

So we've launched FaniQ as a way for our fans to build and prove their knowledge, then reap the benefits of being one of the best fans on the team. And here's how it works:

How to Earn FaniQ Points

Fans can rack up FaniQ points a variety of ways, including:

Locker Room - Reading articles, breaking down game film and getting educated on the indoor football game

The Drive - Answering football trivia, predicting outcomes and making the winning picks with the rest of our fans

Team Votes - Having your voice be heard on key team decisions from player cuts to what kind of beer we're serving on gameday

Calling Plays - For every play you call correctly you'll earn FaniQ for the yards we gain and the points we score on the field

Competitions - Once our season starts, we'll host competitions for fans to earn bonus FaniQ and even go head-to-head to take points from their fellow fans

FaniQ totals vary and you'll always notice the number of points you can earn for each activity in the little scoreboard image by the headline.

What FaniQ Points Get You

As you earn FaniQ points, you level-up and can compete for being one of the top fans on our team

Levels - Everybody starts off as a Waterboy and as your FaniQ grows you will move up to a Rookie, a Starter and eventually an elite few will make it all the way to our Hall of Fame

Helmet Stickers - Through the activities to earn FaniQ you will end up doing a bunch of awesome stuff and hitting key milestones, so you'll be rewarded with Helmet Stickers on your profile that prove your status as a real fan

Power & Experiences - Fans in the upper levels will get boosts on their team votes, special playcalling privileges, ticket and merch specials, and VIP experiences with the team

Not all fans are created equal and this is your chance to prove that you are better than the rest.

Game On!!

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