JWS published a story earlier this week discussing how the NFL has implemented the use of technology within the game of football. Premiership Rugby has also embraced the sports-tech revolution; with developments changing the way its coaches train players and analyze performance. Below are a few companies making an impact:

IMAX Corp. (IMAX) – Players utilize IMAX video booths to watch footage filmed from both “lamppost” cameras as well as drones. Video footage from training, matches and even individual player clips are available for viewing.

Catapult Group International Ltd. (ASX: CAT) – The OptimEye S5 GPS device is used by 10/12 Premiership rugby clubs. The handheld device is placed into a pouch on the back of each player’s shirt, processing thousands of performance related data points/second, including; distance, velocity and speed.

Vimeo (IAC) – Video application providing players secure access to private clips of training sessions.

Howie Long-Short: Vimeo is owned by InterActiveCorp (IAC), a media and internet company that owns 150+ brands including; Match Group (i.e. Tinder), HomeAdvisor and IAC recently posted Q2 earnings of $.74/share, easily beating estimates of $.50/share. The company posted revenues of $767.39 million in Q2 ’17, up 2.9% YOY.

Fan Marino: Rugby teams aren’t the only ones using the CAT OptimEye S5. Brazil’s 5x World Cup Championship International Soccer team, the defending NBA Champions (Golden State Warriors) and at least a dozen NFL teams, also use the GPS system to track player performance.

How GPS, drones, and apps are revolutionizing rugby

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