Stadium Naming Rights Under-Utilized Revenue Stream in EPL


A recent study by corporate finance advisors Duff & Phelps indicated that Manchester United (MANU) would earn an additional $36.6 million/season in revenue, if it were to sell the naming rights to Old Trafford Stadium; which the team reportedly will not do. Manchester City currently has the league’s most valuable naming rights deal (with Etihad), worth $26.7 million/season. While naming right sponsorships are commonplace in the United States (only Arrowhead Stadium, Soldier Field and Lambeau Field remain; the Raiders will certainly have one in Las Vegas), they are an under-utilized revenue stream within Europe; just 8 of 20 EPL clubs have deals in place.

Howie Long-Short: It was recently reported that MANUgenerated record revenue (+6% YOY to $841.6 million), boosted by a $55.4 million payment for winning Europa league, in 2016-2017; making the Red Devils the highest revenue-generating futbol club in the world, in the process. Real Madrid, which held the title for the previous 11 years, placed 2nd; Juventus (JVTSF) finished 10th ($505.2 million). It must be noted that the list only accounts for revenue accrued and does not take any debts incurred into account. MANU reported on February 8th that Q2 ’18 revenue increased 4% YOY (to $229.5 million).

Fan Marino: Selling the naming rights would be a prudent decision (regardless of the price) that would benefit shareholders, but there is some debate as to how achievable the $36.6 million figure is. Historic venues will always be referred to by their original name, reducing the value of the building’s naming rights; sponsors pay a premium for new buildings with no prior association. They broke ground on Old Trafford in 1909 and the venue has hosted World Cup matches (’66), Euro ’96 and the ’03 Champions League Final. I doubt a sponsor would pay more than the $30 million/year (for 20 years) that the Rams are seeking, for their new stadium in Inglewood.

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