Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Team Closer to World Games

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The Iroquois Nationals are a step closer to being included in the 2022 World Games. 

World Lacrosse Chief Brand and Communications Officer Darryl Seibel confirmed on Thursday that World Lacrosse received “letters of no objection”. The Letters came from the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, the Canadian Olympic Committee, US Lacrosse and the Canadian Lacrosse Association. 

According to the World Games' adherence to the Olympic charter, those are four entities that would allow Nationals players eligible to compete.

The letters are also necessary to confirm that there would be no potential issues with allowing athletes the eligibility for multiple teams.

The only thing left is affirmation and acknowledgement from the World Games of the hurdles that have been cleared, and the Nationals will officially be allowed to be invited to the Summer of 2022.