January 07, 2008

The Mitchell Report dropped bombshell allegations from former trainer Brian McNamee that he injected Roger Clemens with steroids during Clemens' brilliant career. Now the Rocket is launching a serious of denials in a campaign to salvage his reputation.

Exclusive: McNamee speaksBy Jon HeymanIn his first comments since the Mitchell Report, Brian McNamee stands by his steroid accusations.Full Story

Did Clemens' taped phone call help?By Michael McCannBreaking down Roger Clemens' Monday news conference.Full Story

Clemens questions, answersBy David EpsteinRoger Clemens' news conference raised more than a few questions. We have answers.Full Story

I want to believe Clemens but ...By John DonovanFair or not, athletes' long history of lying hurts Roger Clemens' credibility.Full Story

Clemens saga hasn't dulled passionBy David EpsteinKids in the Houston area are standing by their local hero Roger Clemens.Full Story

Legal fallout for Clemens, McNameeBy Michael McCannExamining the legal options for Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee.Full Story

Clemens stays in character for CBSBy Richard DeitschRoger Clemens had his game face on during his 60 Minutes interview, but was his performance convincing?Full Story

McNamee still weighing optionsBy David EpsteinBrian McNamee's lawyers threatened to sue Roger Clemens if he defamed their client during his 60 Minutes interview, and one day later they haven't decided yet if that will happen.Full Story

One and the sameBy Frank DefordRoger Clemens cheated to win, and that's just as bad as cheating to lose.Full Story

SI Flashback: Rocket ScienceOn the way to his sixth Cy Young award in 2001, Clemens boasted a sterling record and a reputation as one of the game's hardest workers.Full Story

SI Flashback: It's All About the PowerIn 2003, Clemens zeroed in on his 300th win by pitching -- and training -- like a much younger man.Full Story

Excerpt: Mitchell ReportThe evidence against Clemens as presented in the Mitchell Report. Full Story

MORE NEWS* Police believe McNamee lied to them in 2001* SURVEY: Is Clemens guilty or innocent?* Clemens plays taped McNamee phone call* Congress calls Clemens, Pettitte, McNamee to testify* Clemens sues McNamee for defamation* View Clemens defamation lawsuit (.pdf)

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