September 28, 2008

If the White Sox (87-74) beat the Tigers on Monday in a makeup game at 2:05 p.m. EDT, they would be tied with the Twins (88-74). If that happens, the Twins would travel to Chicago for a one-game tiebreaker on Tuesday at 7:37 p.m. EDT. If the White Sox lose to the Tigers, the Twins would win the AL Central.

AMERICAN LEAGUELos Angeles vs. BostonWednesday, Oct. 1 -- Boston (Beckett 12-10) at Los Angeles (Lackey 12-5)Friday, Oct. 3 -- Boston at Los AngelesSunday, Oct. 5 -- Los Angeles at BostonMonday, Oct. 6 -- Los Angeles at Boston, if necessaryWednesday, Oct. 8 -- Boston at Los Angeles, if necessary

Tampa Bay vs. AL Central ChampionThursday, Oct. 2 -- Chicago or Minnesota at Tampa BayFriday, Oct. 3 -- Chicago or Minnesota at Tampa BaySunday, Oct. 5 -- Tampa Bay at Chicago or MinnesotaMonday, Oct. 6 -- Tampa Bay at Chicago or Minnesota, if necessaryWednesday, Oct. 8 -- Chicago or Minnesota at Tampa Bay, if necessary


Chicago vs. Los AngelesWednesday, Oct. 1 -- Los Angeles (Lowe 14-11) at Chicago (Dempster 17-6)Thursday, Oct. 2 -- Los Angeles (Billingsley 16-10) at Chicago (Zambrano 14-6)Saturday, Oct. 4 -- Chicago (Harden 5-1) at Los Angeles (Kuroda 9-10)Sunday, Oct. 5 -- Chicago at Los Angeles, if necessaryTuesday, Oct. 7 -- Los Angeles at Chicago, if necessary

Philadelphia vs. MilwaukeeWednesday, Oct. 1 -- Milwaukee at Philadephia (Hamels 14-10)Thursday, Oct. 2 -- Milwaukee at PhiladephiaSaturday, Oct. 4 -- Philadelphia at MilwaukeeSunday, Oct. 5 -- Philadelphia at Milwaukee, if necessaryTuesday, Oct. 7 -- Milwaukee at Philadephia, if necessary

Note: Wild card teams play teams with best records unless in same division and wild card may not have home-field advantage.

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