May 27, 2010

Nationals pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg could make his debut as early as June 8. That appears to be the tentative target date, but it could still change.

The target date would pit Strasburg against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Nationals Park. Several dates have been bounced around, including ones later in June, as the anticipation has grown to see the heralded right-hander. Strasburg's long-term career has been the biggest factor in deciding how to utilize him. He hasn't been delayed due to monetary reasons, all sides agree.

Strasburg is 6-1 with a 0.99 ERA at Double-A Harrisburg and Triple-A Syracuse. His extraordinary performance in Triple-A has increased the hype. The Nationals' Web site reported the debut could come some time between June 8 and June 10, after much speculation had centered on June 4.

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