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Marlins, Brewers targeting Reyes


The Marlins, acting aggressively early in the free-agent market, are meeting Wednesday with star shortstop Jose Reyes. But they have company in the Reyes market.

The Brewers also are said to be targeting Reyes in the belief that they have little hope to re-sign their own superstar, Prince Fielder, who is said to be aiming to beat Mark Teixeira's $180-million, eight-year deal. Reyes, who won the National League batting title last season, is very likely a $20-million-a-year player, too, but his term may be a bit shorter as he has been hampered by injuries during some of his campaigns, including the most recent one, when he was limited to 126 games. Reyes received an initial offer from the Marlins, WFAN's Mike Francesa reported.

Sources indicate that Reyes tops the free-agent lists of the Marlins and Brewers, and other teams are likely to come into play, as well. The Tigers like Reyes and are debating now whether to make a run at him.

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson asked Reyes' agent Peter Greenberg to name their asking price, and when Greenberg declined, Alderson asked that Reyes come back to the Mets after he has done some shopping. The Mets would like to keep Reyes and hope he will return to them, but they probably would need him to consider a hometown discount.

Reyes told people throughout the season that he'd most like to return to the Mets. But it seems pretty clear now that his best offers will come elsewhere. Other teams mentioned publicly as possibilities include the Nationals, Giants, Braves, Cardinals and Phillies, though the Giants and Braves aren't suggesting they will have that type of spending money, the Phillies are concentrating on the bullpen at the moment (they are in serious talks with their own Ryan Madson) and the Cardinals first will try to keep their iconic first baseman Albert Pujols.