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Power Rankings: Cardinals jump Rangers despite Hamilton's heroics

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The Cardinals take over the top spot this week from the Rangers, as the two have continued to trade places in these rankings all season. Joey Votto and Giancarlo Stanton each hit walk off grand slams on Sunday, marking the first time that has happened on the same day since 1998. The outburst of power from Votto and Stanton helped their teams climb the rankings, as both the Reds and Marlins are within arms reach of their division leaders.

NOTE: All stats are through Sunday, May 13.

Rankings written by Ben Duronio of The system used to rank the teams is based not on the current standings or a gut feeling about team quality, but on how well they've performed at the underlying traits that predict future performance better than wins and losses.

wRC+ is an offensive index where 100 is league average and every point above or below that denotes how far from league average a player's performance has been up to that point. It is adjusted for park and league, so it takes into account the context of a player's surroundings, and allows for comparison of performance from players in different situations and in different times.

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