March 08, 2013
Bud Selig would like to see baseball expand across the world, as well as a Japan-U.S. World Series.
Al Behrman/AP

PHOENIX -- Baseball commissioner Bud Selig would like to see a true World Series someday.

Speaking during a game between the United States and Mexico in the World Baseball Classic Friday night, Selig said he would like to see baseball globalize and called the idea of a worldwide championship "breathtaking."

He said a true World Series is a long way off, but with the popularity of baseball in places like Japan and Korea, the sport might not be recognizable in a decade or so. Selig added that a potential real World Series between the U.S. and Japan would only make baseball stronger worldwide.

He also he would like to see baseball as an Olympic sport, but it wouldn't be practical because the season here would stop for more than two weeks.

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