University of Cincinnati baseball team takes video-bombing to a new level

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Sergio Romo's "Romo-bombing" during last year's postseason was cute. The Giants reliever even got our own Tom Verducci during the National League Division Series, but the stakes have been raised by an unlikely foe. The Cincinnati Bearcats have elevated video bombing their teammates' postgame interviews to an art form this season, as seen in this compilation video posted to YouTube on Wednesday.

The ring-leader in the above videos appears to be 5-foot-8 infielder Ryan Quinn, number 30, a New Jersey native whose mock interview concludes the compilation above. That's him riding on a teammate's shoulders at the 12-second mark, being taken away like a stuffed pig at the 25-second mark, as the second-swimmer at 40-seconds, Caesar at 45-seconds and the victim of both the Gatorade dump and the pie. Quinn, a health education major, hit .299/.370/.333 for the Bearcats this season. He's not a prospect, but he is a junior, so hopefully we'll see more of his antics next season.