Watch: Michael Bourn turns a Miguel Cabrera fly ball into a home run

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This came in the top of the eighth inning of Wednesday night's 11-7 Tigers win over the Indians, after two rain delays, in front of a largely empty ballpark. Fortunately, we have the video:

[mlbvideo id="27366153" width="400" height="224" /]

Memo to Michael Bourn: Miguel Cabrera doesn't need the help. That home run was Cabrera's 13th of the season, keeping him one behind American League leader Chris Davis, who homered without assistance from any Yankees outfielders Wednesday night. Fielder-aided home runs happen every so often, but what makes the Bourn-Cabrera homer so remarkable is that the ball would have hit no more than half-way up the wall if Bourn hadn't touched it. He didn't just tip it over the wall, either, like in this Alex Presley play from 2011, he gave it a good four- to five-foot boost.

Impressive as that was, however, it doesn't top the greatest outfielder-assisted home run of all time: Take a bow, Jose Canseco:

[mlbvideo id="13109513" width="400" height="224" /]