Watch: Toronto fan's despicable reaction to Nate McLouth's excellent catch

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Blue Jays fans didn't think McLouth held onto the ball after falling into the stands. (Getty Images)

Nate McLouth, Orioles

In the bottom of the sixth inning of Thursday night's game between the Orioles and Blue Jays in Toronto, Baltimore leftfielder Nate McLouth made a nice running catch on a ball hit by Colby Rasmus that was tailing foul down the leftfield line. McLouth caught the ball just as he was crossing into foul territory, and his momentum carried him over the retaining wall and into the stands. McLouth was unhurt (he was fortunate enough to be heading right toward an aisle), but after he came back onto the field and Rasmus was ruled out, a fan in the upper deck threw what looked like a full can of beer at McLouth. Thankfully, the can missed McLouth. Here's the footage:

[mlbvideo id="27379865" width="400" height="224" /]

The fan who threw the beer was identified and ejected, but I've seen no indication that he was charged with endangerment, which I believe he should have been. A full can of beer thrown from a significant height can cause serious injury. You can't prevent people from being idiots, but you can throw the book at the ones you catch. Meanwhile, this is hardly the first time a player has been doused with beer by an opposing fan.

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