By Ben Reiter
October 12, 2013
Although effective against the Cardinals, Clayton Kershaw was stung for a loss in Game 2 of the NLCS.
Elsa/Getty Images

"I'm definitely the soft tosser of this team," Wainwright said after the game, only half-joking. Wainwright's fastball this year maxed out at just under 95 miles per hour, more than three ticks slower than that of anyone from that cadre of 25-and-unders. On Monday, the Dodgers might have Ramirez back in the lineup (x-rays on his ribs showed no fracture), and Ethier too, and they will be facing a starter with whose heat they might actually be able to contend. Of course, Wainwright just threw a complete game against the Pirates in Game 5 of the NLDS, and in a postseason career that spans 48.2 innings he has never lost a decision, and has an ERA of 2.03. A comeback will not be easy.

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