July 24, 2008
Baseball Blow-Ups
The Pine-Tar Game
The Royals-Yankees rivalry of the late '70s and early '80s hit a boiling point as Yankees manager Billy Martin gets George Brett called out for too much pine tar on the bat.

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Sweet Lou Kicks Dirt
A fan in the Wrigley Field stands got the best view of this dustup.
Earl Weaver In His Prime
The former Orioles manager wrote the book on yelling at umpires. (WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE).
McRae Doesn't Like Stupid Questions
He didn't last much longer as Royals manager after this incident in 1993. (WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE).
Phil Wellman Goes To War
The Braves minor-league manager comes up with the creative grenade toss from the pitching mound.

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