June 05, 2009
Top MLB Tweeters
Name: Barry Zito (BarryZito)
Twitter Bio: Pitching is my main source of fun
Followers: 16,000+
Sample Tweets:
"I mean, we've heard all the theories but what's really the cure to a hangover? Some say grease, I say B vitamins." 3:45 PM May 21st
"Day off.... Probably gonna melt a Lush bath ball now. Avocado's a dandy" 10:09 PM April 30th

Name: C.J. Wilson (str8edgeracer)
Twitter Bio: g-force addict, proponent of healthy adventurous living. oh yeah and I play baseball...
Followers: 4,000+
Sample Tweets:
"waiting for my fresh fruit and omelette to arrive...only heard one police siren last night, must've been a slow night in Detroit" 10:32 AM May 19th
"brunch brunch brunch, I love brunch. down it goes, down into my belly" 11:56 AM May 9th

Name: Nick Swisher (NickSwisher)
Twitter Bio: The official Twitter of Nick Swisher, NY Yankees
Followers: 210,000+
Sample Tweets:
"The milk man delivers again. How does he do that? Everytime" 10:17 PM May 23rd
"i love the underdog! you can't ever measure what's inside the heart. did you see that 50-1 longshot win in the Kentucky Derby?" 9:51 AM May 3th

Name: Curt Schilling (gehrig38)
Twitter Bio: Retired Geek
Followers: 8,000+
Sample Tweets:
"Beckett dominates, Tek goes yard LH, the world is a better place for those 2 reasons alone." 5:07 PM April 8th
"People cannot appreciate the apocolyptic events that have had to happen that resulted in Terry Francona being able to use a computer!" 8:45 AM April 3rd

Name: Coco Crisp (coco_crisp)
Twitter Bio:The Official Twitter Of Coco Crisp.
Followers: 4,000+
Sample Tweets:
"OK i officially have a new (baseball) disease called PPA (Piss Poor Aim). Everytime i hit a ball hard PPA kicks in. There has to be a cure." 2:24 AM May 10th
"just got a fresh cut n the club house. u look good u play good, i might just have the game of my life lol" 5:30 PM April 18th

Name: Chad Durbin (chaddurbin)
Twitter Bio: I'm Co-Founder of ShowcaseU.com, an aspiring entrepreneur, and an MLB Pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies.
Followers: 2,000+
Sample Tweets:
"Any strong feelings on the Star Trek movie? Off day movie of choice, methinks" 4:43 PM May 18th
"Giddyup! Snow still on the ground in Baton Rouge...it made it through the night! 71 degrees is tomorrow's high--rut-row Shaggy!" 8:18 AM Dec 12th 2008

Name: Jon Heyman (SI_JonHeyman)
Twitter Bio:Baseball writer at SI and SI.com; insider at MLB Network, WFAN and SNY; fan of In-n-Out burgers, Northwestern and Curb.
Followers: 5,000+
Sample Tweets:
"#red sox looking hard for hitter. victor martinez would be perfect. but sabathia told me no way tribe trades v-mart." 7:00 PM June 1st
"a-rod to me "youre the only (reporter) who likes me." as i told him, i dont think thats quite true" 1:51 PM May 23rd


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