September 19, 2007
SI Players MLB Poll
[Based on a survey of 469 MLB Players]
Who is the smartest person in baseball?
Greg Maddux, Padres P....10%
Billy Beane, A's G.M.....9%
Tony La Russa, Cards manager.....5%
Brad Ausmus, Astros C.....5%
Bobby Cox, Braves manager.....4%
Terry Ryan, Twins G.M.....3%
Derek Jeter, Yankees SS.....3%
Omar Minaya, Mets G.M.....3%
John Schuerholz, Braves G.M.....3%
Tom Glavine, Mets P.....2%
FAST FACTS: Only two other players cracked the top 10: Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter (seventh, 3.1%) and Mets pitcher Tom Glavine (10th, 1.8%).... Maddux's nickname is the Professor; Orioles pitching coach Leo Mazzone, who was with Maddux in Atlanta, called him, "the smartest pitcher I have ever seen." ... Ausmus has a degree in government from Dartmouth, La Russa a law degree from Florida State... Beane's perennially low-payroll team will likely end up below second in the AL West -- its worst finish since 1998.

Photograph by Brad Mangin/SI

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