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On this week's edition of The Strike Zone podcast, Ted Keith and Stephen Cannella go shopping for all 30 teams, picking what each needs to get this winter for the season ahead.

By The SI Staff
November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving is over, and as people across the country digest their turkey and loosen their belts, the time has come to begin shopping for the holiday season. But while you may know exactly what to get for your parents, cousins and significant other, the 30 MLB teams have a shopping list that's a bit less clear.

Thankfully for them, Ted Keith and Stephen Cannella are here to help. On this Thanksgiving week edition of The Strike Zone podcast, Ted and Steve go Black Friday shopping for all 30 teams, picking out what each squad should pick up (or give away) this off-season. As they go division by division, Steve and Ted identify each team's biggest need, be it a new bat for the lineup, a top-of-the-line ace for the rotation, or simply some smaller upgrades around the edges—or whether a team should instead embrace the giving spirit of the holidays and ship out its players to begin a rebuild. Through it all, Ted and Steve provide their thoughts on what free agents make the most sense for a team, concoct some trade ideas and try their best to make sure everyone from the Angels to the White Sox gets what they need this winter.

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