Joey Votto was peeved at a Reds fan for getting the way of a foul ball.

By SI Wire
August 02, 2016

Joey Votto was displeased with one Reds fan's attempt to catch a foul ball on Tuesday night.

During the seventh inning of the Reds' game against the Cardinals in Cincinnati, Votto reached into the stands near his dugout to catch a foul pop-up. As he was about to make the play, a fan who was competing for the ball got in his way. Now, this usually happens on the road, but not at home!

Votto grabbed the fan's shirt to show his disapproval.

Later, Joey apologized with a signed ball.

Perhaps Votto, who has had several negative run-ins with fans, is finally turning face. Or, maybe he'll just go back to being a heel tomorrow.

- Kenny Ducey

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