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Derek Jeter said congratulations to Alex Rodriguez on his career, but the Yankees slugger’s “inbox is full,” so he hasn’t gotten back yet.

By SI Wire
August 11, 2016

Alex Rodriguez will eventually discuss his retirement and storied career with Derek Jeter, but now’s not the time.

On ESPN Radio’s The Michael Kay Show Thursday, Rodriguez said that Jeter reached out to congratulate him on walking away from the game after 22 years, but hasn’t yet had the chance to hit him back.

When asked if he had communicated “with Derek” leading up to his final game, A-Rod responded, “With who?”

Then, after the hosts clarified they meant Derek Jeter, Rodriguez responded with this:

Honestly, I haven’t thought about it. Derek reached out, he congratulated me, but my inbox is completely full. I’m just focusing on what’s at hand. I'm sure we’ll get a chance to talk at some point.

Out of all the people Rodriguez would call or text back, Jeter would be a logical choice, having gone through something similar a couple of years ago. But he’ll choose to wait until after his final game on Friday to get back.

Pregame festivities at Yankee Stadium are expected to get underway shortly after 6:50 p.m. ET.

– Kenny Ducey

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