Tim Tebow on baseball career, Mets: ‘This isn’t a publicity stunt’

Tim Tebow reiterated in an interview that his baseball career is ‘not a publicity stunt.’
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Tim Tebow reiterated in an interview with Bleacher Report on Tuesday that his baseball career is ‘not a publicity stunt.’

In a Q&A, the erstwhile NFL quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner and ESPN commentator turned-Mets-instructional-league-outfielder discussed his career and defended his decision to try baseball.

Tebow said he didn’t feel like he had to respond to critics.

“This isn't a publicity stunt, and it's definitely not for money,” he said. “This is a pay cut for me to do this. I understand how hard this is and that a lot of people think it's impossible. But [I am] passionate about the game of baseball. I love it, and I want to pursue it. Are you going to let the fear of failure or not making it get in the way of that? For me, failure is not going after it and letting the chips fall where they may. I want to be someone who goes all out and pursues what I love.”

Tebow also explained his decision to join the Mets over other teams.

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“It was more about the people than anything else. It was my relationship and talks with [general manager Sandy] Alderson, and their plans for me as a baseball player and as a person. I just felt like it was a great fit. It was something I was excited about, and we got along really well. I appreciated their interest in me [and] their plans to progress me. ... I just felt most comfortable in my communications with them.”

The Mets are currently 80–70 and lead the NL wild card race.