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The Baltimore Orioles' midseason grade. 

July 13, 2017

(42-46, 7.5 behind in AL East, 4 behind in Wild Card): After a five-year stretch of generally overachieving, with three trips to the postseason, this year's Orioles squad is just brutal to watch. The rotation's 5.75 ERA is the majors' worst by 0.8 runs per nine, with Dylan Bundy the only one who's been at least average, while Zach Britton has missed 11 weeks due to a forearm strain. On the offensive side, Manny Machado isn't having a good season, and neither is last year’s home run leader, Mark Trumbo; just three regulars have a 100 OPS+ or better. The only thing keeping them from an F is being within shouting distance of .500. 

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