Chris Christie gave the foul ball to a kid but was still booed by the crowd.

By Chris Chavez
July 18, 2017

New Jersey governor Chris Christie was in attendance at Citi Field on Tuesday night for the Mets' game against the Cardinals and caught a foul ball by Paul DeJong. 

Christie, a life-long Mets fan, once attended a game against the Phillies on the road and was mocked by fans wearing masks of his face.

On Tuesday night, Christie caught the ball and gave it to a kid but was still booed by the crowd.

Watch Christie's catch below:

"Nice to see him get off the beach and to the ball park," the announcer says.

Christie recently filled in for radio host Mike Frances on New York's WFAN and it did not go over so well. Francesa is set to retir in December and Christie is among the candidates to take over his weekday radio spot.

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