By Ben Reiter
October 01, 2017

Here’s what you need to understand about a year in which Schwarber’s batting average hovered around .200 throughout, and dipped below it as recently as Sept. 7: despite his World Series heroics last October, the ACL he tore in April `16 was still not 100% by spring training, and early on he was still essentially rehabbing it. But while his average remained low after he returned from a June demotion to Triple-A, from that point on he had a top-30 OPS (.907) and more homers (19) than just 10 other players, reaching 30 for the season on Saturday. At 24, his postseason bona fides are already unquestioned, with five homers and a 1.178 OPS in 14 career games. In other words, this is his time.

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