Marlins Man Found the Marlins' Virgin Islands Office Is Just a Post Office

"There's nobody here. It's just a drop box. That sucks," the Marlins Man said of his discovery.
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The Marlins Man's beef with the Marlins has hit an all-new high as he discovered the team's British Virgin Islands office is just a post office.

The famous fan, also known as lawyer Laurence Leavy, traveled to the British Virgin Islands with Miami radio host Andy Slater to see where the Marlins' British Virgin Islands headquarters are located. 

"I'm in absolute shock," Leavy said in video he posted on Twitter. "It's a letterbox, post office place. It's a rack of mailboxes. It's called Letterbox Rental."

News of the Marlins' additional office came out on Monday when the team claimed that a corporation that is a member of Marlins Teamco, the group formed to buy the franchise, is a corporate citizen of the British Virgin Islands.

By being citizens in the islands, the team hopes to get out of a lawsuit. The city of Miami and Dade County filed the suit against the Marlins in February over the sale of the team, claiming the former owner, Jeffrey Loria, stiffed them.

With a member of the new ownership group, which includes Derek Jeter, as a citizen of the British Virgin Islands, the team's lawyers argue the lawsuit should be handled by a local judge and not a federal arbitrator.

Leavy also revealed he traveled from Miami through Puerto Rico to the Virgin Islands. He wanted to find the office and bring Marlins gear to its employees.

Marlins Man passed out his shirts and visors to the post office's patrons and an employee instead.

Looks like the Marlins have some explaining to do.