A’s Reliever Shawn Kelley Injured Himself Washing Dishes

“This is why you shouldn’t wash dishes,” Kelley joked.
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It’s been a little while since A’s pitcher Shawn Kelley has taken the mound, and it turns out his chores are to blame. 

Kelley revealed Wednesday that the laceration to his right thumb was caused by a dishwashing accident. The veteran reliever sliced his thumb while cleaning a knife. 

“A really sharp knife, too,” Kelley said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “It went pretty deep. You know how usually when you cut your finger, it takes a second to start bleeding? This was instant. There was blood everywhere. It wasn’t a fun afternoon.”

Kelley says the cut was so deep that his fingernail was the only thing preventing the tip of his thumb from being sliced clean off. 

Kelley, who was acquired by the A’s after the Nationals cut him loose for throwing an on-field tantrum, hasn’t allowed a run in 10 appearances for Oakland. 

The incident occurred last Friday and Kelley hasn’t pitched since, because the cut interferes with his ability to grip the ball. He’s hoping to be available this Friday. 

“This is why you shouldn’t wash dishes,” Kelley joked.