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Mets' Noah Syndergaard Channels Inner Thor, Breaks Bat on Swing and Miss

Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard broke his bat on Sunday... despite failing to make any contact.

Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard's nickname of "Thor" fits him well.

The righthander's flowy, golden hair locks, large stature (he's listed 6'6", 240 pounds) and his otherworldly pitching ability make him one of MLB's best arms.

But on Sunday, Syndergaard took the Thor comp to another level. When he stepped into the batter's box against the Marlins, on the second pitch of the at-bat, Syndergaard took a hack at Sandy Alcántra's 92-mph offering. He broke his bat, despite completely whiffing at the pitch.

Syndergaard's teammates found the sight amusing. But between Syndergaard's capabilities on the mound and his impressive arm strength, maybe it's a season-ending reminder Thor is still Thor.

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