Calm Down, Everyone—Noah Syndergaard Didn’t Actually Cut Off All His Hair

Rest easy, baseball fans. 
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The biggest baseball news in New York for a brief moment on Wednesday the Yankees’ Wild Card game against the A’s, it was Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard’s hair.

Syndergaard (aka Thor) is known for his locks as much as his fastball, so when he tweeted a picture of himself getting his hair cut, fans had their hearts skip a beat. 

After a disappointing 77–85 Mets season, you wouldn’t blame Syndergaard for trying to change his mojo. But close observers will remember this isn’t the first time Syndergaard had joked on social media about getting a makeover. During the 2016 offseason he posted a photo on Instagram with his barber’s shears dangerously close to a big chunk of hair. 

It turns out, this time Syndergaard was just playing jokes on fans once again.

Instead, he was on set and filimging an episode for the HISTORY drama "Vikings." Rest easy, baseball fans.