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A’s Fan Went Out Clubbing With Yankees Fan Who Threw Beer on Him

This story had a happy ending. 

The story of the A’s fan who had a beer poured on him by a Yankees fan at Wednesday’s Wild Card Game has a happy ending. 

The A’s fan is John Spencer, an Oakland native living in Brooklyn. He was in the rightfield bleachers during Wednesday’s game when a Yankees fan deliberately threw his beer on him. The video, posted to Instagram by the man who threw the beer, quickly went viral, with many people denouncing the fan’s actions. 

The A’s put out a call on Twitter asking if anyone knew who the Oakland fan was and Spencer replied to identify himself. The team will send him a care package and invite him to a game next season. Shockingly, Spencer has also made peace with the man who threw the beer. 

The as yet unidentified Yankees fan invited Spencer out to a nightclub in East New York, Brooklyn, and they appear to have had a good time together, according to the photos and videos the Yankees fan posted on his Instagram story

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Spencer also recorded a little skit with the Yankees fan where Spencer ambushes him outside and gets revenge with a beer pour of his own. (Warning: NSFW language.)


That’s a surprisingly heartwarming conclusion to a story that seemed so disheartening.