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Report: Dodgers Cut Minor Leaguer in 2015 for Sexual Assault but Failed to Notify MLB

Dodgers cut the player in 2015 after being told he sexually assaulted a hotel maid, but no records show they informed MLB.

The Daily Beast reported that in 2015, the Dodgers cut a minor leaguer who was accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid but failed to notify league officials about the allegations.

According to the article, a minor league player, who was not formally charged with a crime and therefore was not named, harassed and made inappropriate comments to a maid in an Arizona hotel in 2015. In an email to the team, the hotel's manager detailed the "unacceptable" situation.

“She keeps telling him that she has a boyfriend and is not interested but he still keeps making comments," the manager wrote, adding that the player would not take no for an answer. “On Sunday things elevated where she was cleaning another room and he came up behind her and grabbed her. She pushed him back and he came back and grabbed her yet again. She told him that she wasn’t interested and that he needed to leave and he did.”

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After members of the Dodgers' front office deemed the allegations credible, the player was sent back to Latin America and cut three months later. Just one month after being released, however, the player signed a minor-league contract with another MLB team. No records show that the Dodgers notified MLB about the allegations,a ccording to the Daily Beast.

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The team declined to answer questions about the incident.

“Personnel matters are addressed promptly at the time they are reported to the organization, and we do not comment publicly on such matters,” the Dodgers said in a statement.

According to The Daily Beast, the incident "appears to highlight a gap" in the league's handling of sexual assault allegations and sheds light on the possibility of a player getting punished by one team before signing with another.

MLB officials did not answer The Daily Beast's questions on the issue.

"This was handled as an internal matter by the Dodgers and we consider the matter closed," league officials said in a statement. 

The Daily Beast was unable to reach the maid for a comment.