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The Padres Were at Risk of Losing Twitter Name Forever on Mother's Day

The Padres changed their name to the San Diego Madres for Mother's Day and switched their Twitter handle. Now a college kid is @Padres.

The Padres are committed to celebrating Mother's Day.

So on Sunday, the team decided it would be labeled as the Madres thanks to an assist from Budweiser.

And part of the brand switch, the team changed its Twitter handle.

However, somebody else jumped on the handle @Padres.

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But, for Ricky Padilla, the fun didn't last too long.

It makes sense that Twitter would use its power to make sure the Padres own that name on Twitter, but it does completely ignore the rules of finders keepers.

But maybe Ricky was able to accomplish what he wanted with this move.

In the end, this seems like a win-win for everybody involved.