GoFundMe Launched to Help Minor Leaguers With Living Expenses Due to Low Wages

The GoFundMe started Monday by the organization More Than Baseball wants players to be able to "access affordable housing and purchase basic living essentials."
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The organization More Than Baseball has launched a GoFundMe to help accomplish the group's mission of getting minor league baseball players opportunities to live a better life because they are not paid proper wages.

The campaign started Monday and is looking for $25,000 to assist in providing players with affordable housing, access to healthy food options, necessary baseball equipment, career development and educational opportunities.

"Minor league ballplayers are subject to a system that takes advantage of their dreams and builds a lucrative market around their cheap labor," the GoFundMe description reads. "Most work a minimum of seven months a year, earning between $3,000 and $10,000 per season. ... During these seven months, players work 70-plus hours a week, 29-30 days a month. However, they are still classified as “seasonal apprentices” under the law. Players do not receive a salary for spring training, extended spring training, instructional league, offseason camps, or the Arizona Fall League."

On the organization's website, there is the option to sign up to donate monthly or in other increments to help players live their lives.

"We now have the opportunity to enhance and protect the game of baseball both in our own backyard and across the world," the GoFundMe reads. "You now have the power to use baseball to create a better life for athletes everywhere. The future of the game we love depends on it."