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Allen threw seven shutout innings against the Brewers in his MLB debut. 

By Michael Shapiro
June 19, 2019

John Cena was forced to pay up a $1 bet at Petco Park in San Diego on Tuesday, but the wrestler and acting star was likely happy to lose his wager to Padres rookie pitcher Logan Allen. 

Allen made his MLB debut on Tuesday night to beat Cena in a bet made during Allen's time in the minors. 

"Dinner was about to end at about 9 p.m., and [Allen] came over to say hi right around 8:45. We walked out of that steakhouse at 4 a.m." Cena said on Tuesday. "I bet him a dollar he wouldn't make the major leagues. I said, 'I'll shake, I want to give you my information, here's my phone number, I want you to hold me to this bet.'"

Allen shined in his first MLB performance. The 22-year-old hurled seven shutout innings in a 4-1 win over the Brewers, allowing just three hits while striking out nine batters. 

"I texted [Cena] yesterday and said, 'you owe me a dollar,' and he said, 'see you there,'" Allen said on Monday. "I think he's sent me as many texts as my mom did, and that was awesome, he's so supportive."

Allen is the Padres No. 7 prospect, per MLB Pipeline. The Padres enter Wednesday night fourth in the National League West at 37–37. 

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