Whiff season: Major League hitters set strikeout record for 12th straight season.

By Scooby Axson
September 25, 2019

Earlier this month, Major League hitters set the record for home runs in a season, and they weren't going to stop there.

Not to be outdone, the same ones that seemingly swing for the fences every plate appearance, also are sent back to the dugout as strikeout victims.

For the 12th straight season, Major League Baseball set the single-season strikeout record.

When New York Yankees pitcher Stephen Tarpley struck out Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Willy Adames in the fifth inning of their game last night, it was the 41,208th strikeout of the season, breaking the record that was set the year before.

Another record will probably go down before Sunday's regular season finales.

There are 22 players who have struck out at least 100 times this season, which ties another major league mark.

Entering Wednesday's games there are five players sitting on 99 strikeouts on the season.

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