Report: MLBPA Wants to See League's Financial Documents Before Submitting Counter Offer

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In a memo sent to its players today, the MLB Players Association said it's still waiting to view financial records from MLB that "would support the dubious financial distress claims the league has made," according to The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal.

Rosenthal also reports that the MLBPA is still weighing its options before submitting an official response to MLB's proposal, which has higher-paid players taking steeper pay cuts. The MLBPA claims that the additional pay cuts would add up to more than $800 million. 

The league's proposal has drawn the ire from players, particularly Max Scherzer, who is a member of the players union's executive committee. On Thursday, Scherzer spoke out against the league's proposal on Twitter, saying the players would not make any additional financial concessions.

"We have previously negotiated a pay cut in the version of prorated salaries," Scherzer said. "And there's no justification to accept a second pay cut based upon the current information the union has received."

Despite the public strife, there is still a belief that a deal will ultimately get done. There will be a 2020 baseball season at some point, reports SI's Tom Verducci, who spoke to a longtime club executive who has seen many labor disputes in the past.

"Are you kidding? Of course (the two sides will reach an agreement)," he said. "Of course they will. There will be a deal because the prospect of not getting a deal is unthinkable to both sides. It will happen because it has to happen."