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Barry Zito Posts Incredible Tribute to Former Teammate Buster Posey on Twitter

As Buster Posey announced his retirement on Thursday afternoon, former Giants teammate Barry Zito posted an emotional tribute to his old catcher.

"Dear @BusterPosey, you are a rare bird," Zito penned in a seven-part Twitter thread. "You have what most of us MLB players never did, true perspective. You didn’t bow down & worship the game of baseball as if it were your God. In the eyes of @SFGiants fans, you walked on water but to you, it was just a game you loved to play and that’s why you played it so well. Perspective. 

"You cared about the game but didn’t let it define you the way we all did. Whether you were winning one of your 3 World Series titles or in the middle of a career-worst slump you were the same Buster, focused, friendly and always professional." 

Zito and Posey led San Francisco to its second World Series title in 2012. 

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"You were 60 feet from me in my greatest and worst moments in baseball," Zito wrote. "Your levelheaded approach to the game inspired me and every other player that set foot in those Giants locker rooms through the years. 

"I bet you had no idea."

After 12 seasons in the big leagues, Posey has decided to walk away as a three-time World Series champion and seven-time All-Star. The 34-year-old spent his entire career with the Giants after making his major league debut in 2009.

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