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Angels News: LA in Agreement with Shohei Ohtani on Huge Contract

The record deal allows the two sides to avoid arbitration.

We knew Shohei Ohtani was going to be in Angel red next season (barring a trade), we just didn't know how much he would cost.

That question has officially been answered.

On Saturday, Ohtani and the Angels reached an agreement on a record one-year, $30 million contract that allows the two sides to avoid arbitration. 

Ohtani, who made $5.5 million this past season, received an MLB-record $24.5 million raise, the biggest increase in salary from one year to another in MLB history.

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Ohtani also received the largest contract ever for an arbitration-eligible player, surpassing Mookie Betts' $27 million in 2020. 

Ohtani has followed up his MVP campaign with an even better 2022, and has put together potentially the greatest season in MLB history.

The big question still remains about what Ohtani will do after the 2023 season. While the Angels would love to work on an extension, there's a good chance Ohtani decides to wait until next offseason to see what type of bidding war takes place — and it will definitely be a frenzy.

But for now, the Angels have proven to Ohtani they'll pay him just about whatever it takes, which has to be a good starting point for extension talks.