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Unvaccinated opponents could be able to enter Canada for October baseball.

The Canadian federal government plans to end the COVID-19 vaccination requirement to enter Canada by October, The Globe and Mail reports. The decision is "yet to be finalized by cabinet," per The Globe, though the change is planned for September 30.

To currently cross the border between Canada and the United States without quarantining, all individuals, including MLB players, must be fully vaccinated. This has resulted in some unvaccinated players being placed on the restricted list for series in Toronto, unable to compete against the Blue Jays on the road.

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If the border vaccination policies were to change on Sept. 30, it could impact opposition player availability for potential MLB postseason series in Toronto. If the Blue Jays were to secure the first Wild Card position in the American League, they would open their playoffs at home in Toronto, hosting teams like the Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays, or Baltimore Orioles

When the Mariners made the trip to play the Blue Jays in Toronto earlier this year they placed reliever Drew Steckenrider on the restricted list and starter Robbie Ray also didn't make the trip to Toronto. During recent trips to Toronto, the Orioles and Rays did not place any players on the restricted list.

The United States also currently requires travelers entering the country to be vaccinated and has not announced if it, too, will lift the restrictions.