Alex Anthopoulos on how difficult the process of baseball returning will be the next three weeks

Bill Shanks

The comments from ESPN's Buster Olney probably resonated throughout baseball.

Monday morning on "Golic & Wingo" on ESPN Radio, they replayed an interview with ESPN baseball analyst Olney from an earlier show.

Olney was asked what he thought the odds were that a baseball season is finished in 2020 and a champion is crowned.

"Zero percent," Olney replied.

Then he was asked what the odds are that the 2020 baseball season is played as planned.

"Five percent," Olney said.

This is going to be difficult. There is no doubt about that. 

Monday afternoon, I asked Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos his thoughts on the difficulty of pulling off a huge challenge.

The testing comes first. Then after they know who can and who can't go into the facilities, they have to organize everything so the players will stay healthy.

Then they have to practice for the next three-plus weeks. And then the players go home and have to be careful. They have to stay out of the stores, out of the bars, out of restaurants even, especially if the numbers in Georgia continue to rise.

Monday there were 2207 new cases in the state of Georgia. It's the eighth day out of the last ten where the numbers were over 1700 new cases in a day.

So, can baseball, can the Braves, pull this off?

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