What happens if a player get the Covid-19 virus?

The Atlanta Braves and every other team must prepare for the possibility that a player could test positve for the virus. Bill Shanks has some thoughts.
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Once we know when the baseball season will start, there will be numerous issues that each team must address.

As roster construction takes on a new life of its own, each team must wonder what they will do if one of their players tests positive for the Covid-19 virus.

For example, the Braves must think what they would do if, God forbid, Freddie Freeman tested positive. There are options, like Austin Riley, Tyler Flowers, Johan Camargo and even Nick Markakis to step in and play first base.

You could say this is no different than preparing for an injury, and injuries happen all the time. But it is different since we're talking about a virus.

Teams want depth, but it's not like they prepare for injuries. With this, they must know who will step in at every position in case a player were to come down with the virus.

The Braves should be in a good shape if this happens, since their depth chart is impressive. There are really no positions where the Braves would be in trouble if the starter was to be out for a lengthy period of time.

There are so many things that will be discussed, and we must prepare for different things we're not used to due to the virus. But every team in baseball must have great depth in case their team gets struck by the virus.

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