Comparing the Astros' penalties with the Braves' penalties from MLB

Bill Shanks

Did the Braves get punished more severely in 2017 for their international scouting violations compared to what the Astros got for cheating in MLB games that same year?

Let’s look at what each team got as punishment from the MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred.


1 – Basically they lose their first and second round picks in 2020 and 2021 – a total of FOUR prospects. If the Astros do not have a first or second round pick in either of those years, the club will forfeit the applicable selection in the next draft in which it possesses such selection.

2 - $5 million fine, which is the highest allowable fine under the MLB Constitution.

3 – GM Jeff Luhnow was suspended for a year (subsequently fired by the Astros)

4 – Manager A.J. Hinch was suspended for a year (subsequently fired by the Astros)


1 – Lost 12 prospects who had already been signed to contract and were already in the Braves organization.

2 – Had the contract of Ji-Hwan Bae disapproved (now in the Pirates organization)

3 – Prevented from signing prospect Robert Puason (now in the A’s organization)

4 – Prohibited from signing any international player for more than $10,000 during the 2019-2020 signing period

5 – In the 2020-2021 signing period, the club’s international pool will be reduced by 50 percent

6 – GM John Coppolella was permantly suspended (subsequently forced to resign)

7 – International Scouting Director Gordon Blakeley suspended for one year (subsequently forced to resign)

The Braves were NOT fined. However, the money in the 13 contracts that had been signed by the Braves and the international players who were made free agents due to the scandal totaled, according to the Associated Press, $16.48 million.

Were the Braves’ penalties more than what the Astros got for cheating in a MLB game, including the 2017 postseason?

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The Braves lost more than Astros by a mile.At the time, I thought the penalties were severe. The commissioner needs to make an example out of the RedSoxs the way he did the Braves.