Braves Talk - May 22

Bill Shanks

This is just not real. It’s a different world we now live in, one we never could have dreamed about. It’s a life we might have thought would be lived decades or centuries after we’ve long shuffled off this mortal coil.

Instead, it’s our life. We are living it. We may think we can go to sleep and wake up the next morning and everything will be back to normal. It won’t, though, at least not now. We’ll still wake up and hear that dreaded word over and over all day.

Coronavirus. You would think it’s got four letters in it.

For us sports fans, it’s a double hell we’re now living. We’re all afraid, and if you’re not you better be, of getting this damn virus. And then, the thing we usually have in our back pocket to let us escape from our daily doldrums of life is not even there.

Sports is on hold. The pause button has been pushed. We can only watch old games on television, search for other old games on YouTube and wait.

Impatiently. We can only wait.

There are no games, no lineups, no trades, no close plays, no highlight shows. The routine of getting home from work and sitting down to unwind and watch a ballgame has been cruelly interrupted. We’re creatures of habit, and our habits have been rudely broken.

The great debate going on a few weeks ago of who will play third base for the Braves seems unimportant now. How will the manager handle the crowded outfield? What will the rotation look like? Well, it just doesn’t matter right now.

This is what hell must be like, at least for sports fans. It’s like we’ve done something wrong to deserve this, to be without. And yet, we can’t complain too much, knowing there are others who are going through much more than just not having a ballgame to watch.