Fauci skeptical about 2020 sports

Bill Shanks

Dr. Anthony Fauci of the President's Coronavirus task force expressed skepticism for sports to be played in 2020 in an interview with the New York Times.

Obviously, the testing for the public must improve first before we can just have regular testing for sports athletes. If athletes get preferential treatment over the general public, there will likely be tremendous negative backlash.

We obviously need a vaccine for this virus. There likely will not be fans in the stands at all this season, but we still need to see the players and staff protected. Can that happen?

What happens if a player does not show symptoms and someone gets a fever? There will have to be instant testing for every player. Does that happen every day, every other day or how often would it be necessary?

We do not want the sport to start up and then have an outbreak inside of the game that would shut the sport down again. If this is going to restart, they need to have everything in order for the players to remain safe.

That's obviously Fauci's main concern. Most of us are concerned to go to the grocery store right now, so how can even an empty stadium with players be deemed safe right now, or in two months?

It's right for baseball to plan as much as they can, but health professionals are going to have to direct MLB officials on what is possible and what the time frame may be to create a potential season.