Freddie Freeman reacts to Mike Soroka injury

Bill Shanks

Freddie Freeman remembers in 2015 when former teammate Jason Grilli tore his Achilles tendon. The Braves were in Colorado, and Grilli was covering first base when his blew out.

Grilli took eight months to come back from the injury. His was the left Achilles' tendon, the plant leg for a right-hander. Mike Soroka's torn tendon was on his right foot, his landing leg, which should make it a tad easier to recover from.

Adam Wainwright also tore his left Achilles in 2015. His injury was in late-April, and Wainwright was actually back pitching at the end of September that same season - five months later. But it was the next spring, almost 10 months after his injury, when Wainwright was pitching pain free.

Soroka will have an extensive rehab program after his surgery. Most medical predictions will have a 9-12 month recovery period, so it would take Soroka seven months to be ready to start by March 1.

The Braves players knew what had happened. It was obvious, by how Soroka looked on the ground and how he had to hobble off, helped by his manager Brian Snitker and one of the trainers.

So, the team must regroup. Several of the young pitchers, probably Bryse Wilson first, will get an opportunity to step in. Finding a replacement in the trade market, at least this early in the season, may be difficult for general manager Alex Anthopoulos.

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