J.J. Cooper Interview - Part One

Bill Shanks

The priority for MLB is to figure out how to get Major League players back on the field. There is no debate about that. 

But what's going to happen about the minor leaguers?

It looks like MLB rosters will have a 50-man roster, with the active roster being at 30 and some sort of taxi squad being near 20 players.

Rangers GM Jon Daniels said earlier this week he believes all prospects on that 20-player taxi squad will be players who they believe can help the Major League team in a shortened season.

So, what happens to the other prospects who may not be ready for big league time?

They could all be sent back to the spring training facilities for camp work. They could simply wait until the fall and have some sort of extended Fall League, perhaps in both Arizona and Florida.

This is one of the horrible aspects of how the virus has damaged the game. How do you avoid having prospects waste a full season that they could be developing? How do position players get at bats and how do pitchers get innings?

Of course, cost is another factor in this. With owners obviously losing money, the last thing they might care about is what happens with the minor leagues. And it's a shame, since some prospects need some sort of compensation beyond what's already been promised to them so far.

Check out the above part one of our interview with Baseball America's J.J. Cooper.

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