J.J. Cooper Interview Part Two

Bill Shanks

So, what will become of the minor leagues?

Oh, they've been forgotten about, haven't they? There are hundreds of prospects who wish they could be on the field developing more, preparing and getting closer to the big leagues.

Instead, most of them are home. You wonder how many have picked up a baseball at all. You wonder how many might be struggling with depression, worried that their career might be in jeopardy.

Remember, the goal for Major League Baseball is to eliminated many minor league teams. They want to have less people in their talent pool, mainly so they can pay fewer people. So, some prospects may have played their last minor league games.

You know minor league coaches have to be worried about their futures. With fewer teams on the horizon, there will be fewer coaches.

It will be a shame if hundreds of minor leaguers simply have no way to continue their development. You have to feel sorry for older minor leaguers, who may have thought the 2020 season was their last hope.

Or what about the prospects who were headed to Double-A, who may have thought if they got one more complete season, they would be close to the major leagues. There are just so many people in the game of baseball who have been impacted by this pause in the season.

Here is part two of our interview with Baseball America's J.J. Cooper

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