Baseball is not a gimmick, so just be patient

Bill Shanks

What should we do to get the baseball season back?

How should they play the games with no fans?

Should we scrap the leagues for a year, not let the pitchers hit, and simply do whatever we can to get players on the field and the games back on television?

We are growing desperate. There is no doubt about that. But we must protect the integrity of the game.

We already know the sport will be different this year. It's unlikely we will have 162 games. We won't have fans in the stands. It will be different.

But we don't need to change what baseball is. We don't need to change to structure of the game itself. It'll be different enough without having to make gimmicks work.

People will watch, no matter what. We are desperate. We just want our game back. We want it to be what we always watch from late February through late October.

So, what will Major League Baseball do? Will they gimmick the game up and do some of the things that have been experimented with the last few years?

Commissioner Rob Manfred has shown the propensity to experiment with different things, like putting runners on at second base in extra innings.

Please, don't gimmick up the game Commissioner. Just let us see the game we love. 

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