Why is John Hart still allowed on MLB Network?

Bill Shanks has some thoughts on John Hart still being on TV.

On November 17, 2017, John Hart stepped down as the senior advisor for the Atlanta Braves. He wasn’t fired. Perhaps he was forced to resign, but the Braves couldn’t even announce it that way.

Hart was not named in the punishment the Braves received from MLB regarding the circumvention of rules in international scouting. General manager John Coppolella got the ultimate punishment, permanent suspension from the game.

Hart got nothing.

But sources have told me Hart was involved in everything. He knew about the plan to pursue prospects before the Braves were supposed to do it. He knew the deals that had been struck with the players and their agents. According to sources, Hart even watched 14-year old Robert Puason work out with the team at Turner Field.

And yet, he left the Braves and jumped right back into his cushy job as a commentator on MLB Network.

Tuesday was almost too much to take, however. There was Hart blabbing about the Astros scandal and then talking about Nick Markakis’ comments about the Astros. It’s hypocritical for Hart to be allowed to talk about the Astros' scandal, when he was knee-deep into one himself not too long ago.

But to comment about what Markakis said? Come on. Markakis, like many of the Braves players, hated John Hart. There was no respect for Hart in the clubhouse, especially after an incident with manager Brian Snitker in August 2017.

So, why in the world would MLB Network allow John Hart to be part of their coverage of the Astros' scandal? And why don't the reporters on that network complain that Hart has no business on the air when he himself didn't even fully address his participation in the scandal in Atlanta?

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