Between Three Palms: 'I'm Still Gonna Spit'

Between Three Palms: 'I'm Still Gonna Spit'

While I'm confident that a decision about whether to play some sort of 2020 season won't come down to a negotiation about spitting, who the hell knows?

Rockies Charlie Blackmon, ever the one to maintain state-of-the-art grooming and hygiene, has his doubts. And his concerns, as SI's Stephanie Apstein reported Tuesday:

"“Wait, what?” Blackmon says. “I’m 100% gonna spit. That’s ingrained in my playing the game. Whether or not I’m dipping or chewing gum, I’m still gonna spit. I have to occupy my mind. It’s like putting things on autopilot. You see it like with Hunter Pence, where he would constantly be adjusting his uniform. I don’t have this idle time where my consciousness wanders. I fill my time with thought processes that are like a cruise control.”

In today's episode of "Between Three Palms" entitled "I'm Still Gonna Spit," Inside the Dodgers producer Tom Wilson and I discuss Major League Baseball's 67-page COVID-19 safety protocols, the league's fight with the Major League Baseball Players Association to preserve the 2020 championship season and Blackmon's magic loogie.

If you don't get the "magic loogie" reference, well, what are what we to do with you?

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